NEI Coaching Modules - Study materials for Exams 2 and 3

All NEI students and graduates have free access to the NEI Coaching Modules. 

Here at NEI, our objective is to train individuals toward becoming successful nutrition and lifestyle coaches. In the coursework, we provide valuable nutrition knowledge that Certified NETs can share with their clients. In addition to this training in nutritional science, we believe that having instruction on motivating clients is also essential to the success of our graduates. 

Knowledge alone is not enough. Clients may understand the benefits of high-nutrient eating but feel emotionally attached to unhealthy foods; they may be afraid to change because of family or social pressures; they may have a large amount of weight to lose and feel overwhelmed by the task. In order for your clients to fully embrace a Nutritarian diet, they will need support, inspiration, and motivation. The temptation of disease-causing food is everywhere, and finding the best motivational methods for each client will be a key factor in their success. By passing on your practical knowledge and providing the appropriate motivation, you can lead your clients toward their health goals.

The NEI Coaching Modules are an excellent and valuable learning tool designed to help NEI students hone their coaching skills and effectively support clients. The Coaching Modules provide guidance on coaching clients from a variety of experts, including professional coaches, physicians, and scientists. The Coaching Modules consist of ten streaming video modules, with chapter marks for easy reference, in which NEI faculty and contributors will instruct you in their field of knowledge with respect to coaching clients. Each video module is accompanied by a supplemental document containing information, links, and resources related to the coaching topic. These modules will help you learn how to interact with your clients and facilitate positive, healthy changes.

In the Coaching Modules, strategies for successfully coaching clients are provided by a variety of experts, including professional coaches, physicians, and scientists.  This preview video is an introduction to the concepts covered in the program, illustrated by a brief excerpt of each expert’s instructional video.

The topics covered are as follows:

1. Maximizing personal achievement ~ Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
2. Motivation and Overcoming Obstacles ~ Sarah Taylor, M.B.A.
3. Motivating different personalities ~ Julieanna Hever, MSRD
4. Life Coaching ~ Mimi Peak, J.D., M.C.C., C.H.T.
5. What to do when the client doesn’t follow the plan ~ Michael Klaper, M.D.
6. Using scientific research to impress and motivate your clients ~ Deana Ferreri, Ph.D.
7. Commonalities of those who are successful in weight loss and keeping it off ~ Emily Boller
8. The Myth of Moderation ~ Scott Stoll, M.D.
9. Why should we exercise? ~ Michael Mantz, M.H., M.D.
10. Enjoying salt as it is found in nature ~ Barbara Sarter, Ph.D., R.N., FNP-C

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