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User accounts

All students receive a complimentary Gold Plus membership to the DrFuhrman.com Member Center while enrolled. Included in your membership is access to the NEI forums located here. Users who are currently members at DrFuhrman.com will need to cancel their billing and integrate their accounts by following the instructions here .

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Returns & refunds

All purchases are non-returnable, non-refundable & non-transferable.

Corporate transfers

If you are a business entity and you purchase the course on behalf of an employee and they do not attempt to take the exam within 3 months and you want to transfer their enrollment to another employee you may do so by sending a message to us here.

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Advanced Nutritarian Studies

Enrollment and Completion

  • Students are provided with 6 months of access to the course. Both exams must be completed with a passing score of 80% during that time in order to graduate.


Students who fail an exam will be required to purchase a retake.

  1. Part 1 - $45.00
  2. Part 2 - $45.00

Upon completion of the course

Successful completion of coursework offered by NEI does not in any way grant an individual the ability to call themselves by the title of "Dietitian," "Nutritionist" or "Nutrition Counselor." Completion of the Advanced Nutritarian Studies course does not qualify you to give medical advice or prescribe diets for specific medical conditions. Successful completion of coursework does not qualify you to diagnose and advise people regarding their symptoms or health complaints.

As a student/alumni you cannot:

·        Offer medical advice

·        Claim you are a nutritionist, dietitian or nutrition counselor

·        Prescribe diets for specific medical conditions



We do not offer phone support. All support requests may be submitted per the appropriate place below.

Program support

All support requests need to go through the NEI Support Forums in the Member Center at DrFuhrman.com. Membership is included with your enrollment.

Technical support

Technical support questions may be submitted to us via our contact form.

Billing & Order support

Billing support questions may be submitted to us via our contact form.

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