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User accounts

Real names


The Nutritional Education Institute has a ‘Real Name’ policy. This means that when you create a new account you must use your first and last name in the ‘Contact info’ section. Your Real Name will be displayed instead of your username for your profile and forum comments. Our Real Name policy is in place to ensure the integrity of all whom are involved.

Member center forums

If your NEI account is linked to your DrFuhrman.com Member Center account then your real name will be displayed on all your forum posts in addition to your username which may or may not be the same.

Real images


Upload a professional image of yourself and use the highest quality possible because it will be automatically re-sized throughout the site depending on the purpose and location. Offensive images and images of anyone or anything other than yourself are subject to removal at any time.

Member center forums

If your NEI account is linked to your DrFuhrman.com Member Center account then your image will not be linked by default and we recommend that you upload the same image that you uploaded for NEI. We require that all students and NETs upload a real image of themselves and that it be of professional quality. We reserve the right to remove images that are not appropriate and that are not of the NET. For example, we will not allow you to upload an image of your cat as your user image.

Support forums

All active students and NETs have an inclusive membership to the DrFuhrman.com Member Center. Users who are currently members at DrFuhrman.com will need to cancel their billing and integrate their accounts by following the instructions here. Graduates will have the user title of ‘Certified NET’ and students will have the user title of “NET in training” in the forums.

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Returns & refunds

All purchases are non-returnable, non-refundable & non-transferable.

Corporate transfers

If you are a business entity and you purchase the NETCP on behalf of an employee and they do not attempt to take the NETCP exam within 6 months and you want to transfer their enrollment to another employee you may do so by sending a message to us here.

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Certification timeframe

  • Students have 1 year from enrollment date to pass part 3 of the NETCE. Failure to do so will result in a reenrollment fee of $149.00
  • When the reenrollment product is purchased, the student will still continue where they left off in the exam series (i.e., if they passed part 1 and 2 their ‘next step’ is still to take part #3 of the exam).
  • Students who enrolled before September 14, 2011 will be have their date extended to 1 year from September 14th, 2011.


Students who fail any part of the exam will be required to purchase a retake for the exam they were on when they failed.

  1. Part 1 - $65.00
  2. Part 2 - $65.00
  3. Part 3 - $65.00


  • NETs will be required to stay current by studying newly added material in the required reading section.
  • Every two years, starting in 2012, graduates must pass a comprehensive  multiple choice exam in order to maintain their NET certification. The exam will include material from Part 2 of the NETCE (Dr. Fuhrman’s books, newsletters, and selected scientific literature) plus new learning materials that have been added in the past 2 years.
  • The Recertification Exam will become available on June 1, and the deadline for passing the Exam will be July 31. 
  • NETs who graduated before October 1, 2011 will recertify by July 31, 2012* and then every two years thereafter. NETs who graduated on or after October 1, 2011 and before October 1, 2013 will recertify by July 31,  2014 and every two years thereafter, and so on.
  • Graduates will receive email notifications beginning 3 months before the Recertification deadline, allowing plenty of time to prepare.
  • Recertification fee: $149.00
  • Graduates may have up to 3 attempts to pass the Recertification Exam between June 1 and July 31*. 
  • NETs who do not pass the Recertification Exam by July 31* will have Certified NET status and Platinum Membership at DrFuhrman.com terminated.

*For our first Recertification in 2012, the deadline has been extended to December 31, 2012 and the fee has been waived. Future Recertifications will be held between June 1 and July 31 of even-numbered years, and there will be a fee.

NET Recertification Schedule:

Graduation Date:                                                      First Recertification by:                              Next Recertification:

Before 10/1/11                                                         12/31/12                                                      6/1-7/31/14

10/1/11 to 9/30/2013                                               6/1-7/31/14                                                 6/1-7/31/16

10/1/2013 to 9/30/2015                                           6/1-7/31/16                                                 6/1-7/31/18

Using the ‘NET’ credential

Persons who successfully complete the Nutritional Education Trainer Certification Program (NETCP) may not call themselves by the title of "Dietitian", "Nutritionist" or "Nutrition Counselor."  Each state has different laws that regulate dietitians or nutritionists through licensure, certification or registration. Please refer to www.cdrnet.org/certifications/licensure/index.cfm for the laws pertaining to your state.

Completion of the NETCP does not qualify you to give medical advice or prescribe diets for specific medical conditions. A change to a high nutrient density, plant based eating style may result in headaches or a feeling of fatigue. These are normal symptoms of withdrawal from a poor diet and toxic substances. Any symptoms, including fatigue and lightheadedness, become more concerning when diet change is initiated by people on medications, especially medication for blood pressure and diabetes. These individuals should be advised to discuss medication adjustment with their physician upon beginning this program and if such symptoms arise.

Becoming a certified Nutritional Education Trainer (NET) does not qualify you to diagnose and advise people regarding their symptoms or health complaints. In these situations, you must immediately recommend that your client seek qualified medical attention. This certification program enables you to teach only materials and subject matter approved by the Nutritional Education Institute (NEI). This may include published books, newsletters, scientific literature, website material and training materials.

As a certified NET you can not:

  • Offer medical advice
  • Claim you are a nutritionist, dietitian or nutrition counselor
  • Prescribe diets for specific medical conditions
  • Represent unapproved views under the umbrella of the "NET" title designation

A person may not call themselves a NET or Nutritional Education Trainer until they have completed the NETCP and received official notification from NEI.

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Currently we do not offer phone support and all support requests shall be submitted at the appropriate place below.

Program support

All support requests need to go through the NEI Support Forums in the Member Center at DrFuhrman.com. Membership is included with your enrollment and certification.

Technical support

Technical support questions may be submitted to us via our contact form.

Billing & Order support

Billing support questions may be submitted to us via our contact form.

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