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Dr. FuhrmanIn the last 30 years I have studied over 20,000 research articles on human nutrition & longevity.  Not only have I found that the world’s scientific database of research articles supports the power of excellent nutrition to prevent and reverse disease, but I have also personally witnessed dramatic disease recoveries though nutritional interventions in my medical practice with more than 10,000 patients over the last 20 years.

My experience is that superior nutrition is the most powerful therapeutic modality for most disease states. People from all over the world, with a broad array of medical problems, following my nutritional protocols, have thrown away their medications and simply recovered. From headaches and fatigue to autoimmune disease and coronary artery disease, nutritional intervention is effective and without the unfavorable side effects of medications. Plus, there is a big difference between truly getting well and merely reducing  symptoms with medications.  For those who have never been chronically ill, superior nutrition offers people the security and peace of mind that they do not have to get cancer, have heart attacks and die prematurely of diet-promoted illnesses.

Why the Nutritional Education Institute?

In the last ten years or so, so many individuals have become enthusiastic supporters of the high-nutrient diet-style that I recommend to them, I refer to this as a Nutritarian Diet.  The people are sharing the exciting results they have achieved with their families, friends and many others in their local communities.  They are walking testimonials for the powerful effects of superior nutrition. These individuals have given me an overwhelming number of requests to provide them with the necessary tools to offer supportive services to others desiring dietary and lifestyle assistance to take control of their health, too. Making positive changes is not easy for many food-addicted individuals.  We all observe much of the modern world struggling under a burden of chronic disease due to dietary ignorance. Our world needs your help!

As a result of these requests I have created the Nutritional Education Institute to educate, enable and certify those interested in pursuing a career as a certified Nutritional Education Trainer.  The goal is to enable those individuals to support and motivate others to protect their precious health and enable them to live a long, disease-free life, without the fear of heart attacks, strokes and dementia. So many more people would embrace this life-saving knowledge if they only had the support to learn how beneficial and great tasting this could be.

You can be their support. You can be the missing link in their journey and help put an end to all the failed diets and ineffective solutions that they have undertaken. You can be, their Nutritional Education Trainer!

I sincerely appreciate all of you who are joining me in this exciting new health-promoting endeavor, to prevent needless medical suffering and tragic premature deaths.  This is an exciting journey that we will take together to help bring dramatically effective dietary solutions to a much greater number of individuals throughout the world!


Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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