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Dr. Fuhrman

In the last thirty years I have studied over 20,000 research articles on human nutrition and longevity.  Not only have I found that the world’s scientific database of research articles supports the power of superior nutrition to prevent and reverse disease, but I have also personally witnessed dramatic disease recoveries though nutritional interventions in my medical practice with more than 15,000 patients over the last 20+ years.

My experience is that superior nutrition is the most powerful therapeutic modality for most disease states. People from all over the world, with a broad array of medical problems, following my nutritional protocols, have thrown away their medications and simply recovered. From headaches and fatigue to autoimmune disease and coronary artery disease, nutritional intervention is effective and without the unfavorable side effects of medications. Plus, there is a big difference between truly getting well and merely reducing symptoms with medications.  For those who have never been chronically ill, superior nutrition offers people the security and peace of mind that they don’t have to die prematurely of diet-promoted illnesses, like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Why the Nutritional Education Institute?


Within the last fifteen years, so many individuals have become enthusiastic supporters of the high-nutrient diet style that I recommend to them, which I refer to as the Nutritarian Diet. These people are sharing the exciting results they have achieved with their families, friends and many others in their local communities.  They are walking testimonials for the powerful effects of superior nutrition. Many of these individuals have requested a more comprehensive review of the information behind my recommendations so they can deepen their understanding of nutritional science and continue their journey to superior health.

As a result of these requests I have created the Nutritional Education Institute to provide the most current information for those interested in a thorough review of the science of nutrition and the Nutritarian diet-style. I often say that people become experts in nutrition when they study my program and this institute is designed to help you do that.

For health professionals this course becomes an invaluable resource to bring you up-to-date with clinically useful information that you can put into action today.

I sincerely appreciate all who have the desire to fully understand and apply this information. 

This is an exciting journey on which you are about to embark.



Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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