About NEI

Our Objective:

To comprehensively educate students about nutritional science and the principles of the Nutritarian lifestyle. 

Obtaining a certificate in Advanced Nutritarian Studies will provide individuals with an in-depth understanding of superior nutrition and its applications. Medical professionals will gain the opportunity to improve the lives of their patients.

Dr. Fuhrman designed his Nutritarian program by evaluating the science first and making dietary recommendations second.  This approach ensures that optimal health is the primary concern, not popularity or following the latest diet fad or trend.  When you focus on understanding the science of nutrition, eating for health becomes easy.

This self-paced two-part course establishes a scientific nutritional foundation in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Part 1 teaches you the basics of nutrition at a level similar to top universities. Our reading list guides you through two college level textbooks and allows you to target the required information easily and quickly. This makes it simple, regardless of your level of initial understanding to gain the knowledge base you need.  Part 2 is an in-depth study of Dr. Fuhrman’s body of knowledge from his books Eat to Live, Eat for Health, Super Immunity, Disease Proof Your Child and Fasting and Eating for Health. Special access to commentaries, newsletters, discussion forums, a toxic hunger tutorial and scientific literature are also included. 

This course is offered in an OPEN ENROLLMENT format, meaning students can register and begin at any time. 

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