About NEI

Our Objectives:

Educate: To educate students about nutritional science, healthful food preparation, and the profound health benefits of the Nutritarian (high nutrient density) eating style.  The learning process culminates in certification as a NET (Nutritional Education Trainer).

Train: To provide resources and strategies for students that will enable them to coach others toward adopting a Nutritarian lifestyle.

Enable: To enable certified NETs to pursue business ventures that empower clients to take control of their health destiny. 

Why become a NET? 

NETs have the power to fuel a health revolution.

Many individuals who have embraced a “Nutritarian Diet” - the high-nutrient diet-style that Dr. Fuhrman recommends - are excited by their own results and what they have helped their families, friends and others in their local communities achieve. They are walking testimonials for the powerful effects of a high-nutrient eating style. They have a strong desire to offer supportive services to others seeking dietary and lifestyle assistance to take control of their health, too.

There are so many people who would embrace a health-saving Nutritarian lifestyle if they only had access to the information about how beneficial and great tasting a Nutritarian lifestyle could be and the support to implement it themselves. Be their support. Be the missing link in their journey. Help put an end to their failed diets, ineffective treatments and disease promoting habits. Start making a difference in people’s lives today.

Benefits of becoming a Certified NET

The following benefits are available to certified NETs immediately upon acceptance of NETCP Terms and Conditions:

  • Access to the NET online support forums
  • Reseller Program: Once becoming a Nutritional Education Trainer you will be eligible to become one of Dr. Fuhrman's trusted authorized resellers. You will have access to wholesale pricing for Dr. Fuhrman's entire line of exclusive health promoting products.**
  • Affiliate Program: Receive a unique affiliate ID to track sales that were generated through your efforts. Receive recurring revenue from your website, blog or other promotional efforts. Ideal for NETs who wish to promote this lifestyle but do not want to take the extra steps involved to become a certified reseller.





Become a NET!


** Pending you are a valid reseller and present a reseller tax id, and agree to policies of DrFuhrman.com wholesale program


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