Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEI's return/refund policy?

All purchases are non-returnable, non-refundable & non-transferrable.

What can (and can't) I do as a NET?

Please refer to our Policies page for more information.

How long do students take to finish the course?

If an individual is completely new to Dr. Fuhrman's teachings then it is estimated to be between 200 to 300 hours of self-study from start to finish.

How many graduates do you have?

We have approximately 100 graduates as of February 2013.

Are students that are enrolled in the NET program also automatically rolled into being members of Dr Fuhrman's site?

Yes, as of February 1st, 2011 all students and NETs have an inclusive platinum membership to Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center at You must integrate your account by following the steps  here.

Can I search within PDF files?

Yes, you can search the contents of PDF files. However, if you are preparing for your exam it is recommended that you review them and have hardcopies printed for your reference.

What happens if I fail a part of the exam?

If you fail a part of the exam you will need to purchase the retake for that part of the exam you failed. You can purchase the exam retake through the NEI store if the situation arises, the product will only show if you are eligible to purchase a retake. The costs are as follows:

  • Part 1 - $65.00
  • Part 2 - $65.00
  • Part 3 - $65.00
What do I need to do to maintain my certification status?

Follow the steps here.

Do I have to take all three parts of the exam at once?

No, you do not have to take all three parts of the exam at once, but all three parts must be passed within 1 year of enrollment, or a re-enrollment fee will be required to maintain student status. Please refer to our Certification Timeframe policy on the Policies page.

Why do you have a Real Name policy?

We have adopted this policy in response to many other social communities who are adopting these higher standards. In a sense, the Nutritional Education Institute is a social community, a community of NETs. The effect of the real name policy is that it holds our NETs and prospective NETs responsible for their words and actions and improves the quality and image of everyone involved. Therefore, we will not approve accounts for those who do not wish to make their identities public. It is our understanding that those intending to become certified are doing so in order to reach out to and/or do business with the general public. If a prospective NET does not intend to be available to the public or be hired in a professional setting then they cannot be endorsed by the Nutritional Education Institute.

How is the Nutritional Education Institute (NEI) different than other programs or institutes?

NEI is different than the vast majority of programs because it leaves our graduates with clear, gold-standard dietary and health information based on science, logic and math.  The information that is learned via NEI is about eating a Nutritarian diet,  a diet of nutritional quality - it is not a passing fad; it is not based on some social, economic, or ethical position or other pre-determined slant; it is not based on an artificial balance of protein, carbs, and fat.  Eating a Nutritarian diet will never be out-of-date. The science supporting a high micronutrient diet-style is overwhelming and continual.  Many other programs leave their graduates confused and uncertain about what specific information to dispense to their clients, or water down the nutritional quality of the message to appeal to a wide audience, which renders the message ineffective.

NEI differs greatly in that this Nutritarian dietary program, supportive of superior nutrition, does not cater to social preferences or popularity, but what is most effective and healthiest for disease protection and disease reversal.  The Nutritarian dietary protocols are based on a comprehensive analysis of the world’s scientific research including the most recent findings. The supportive value of the trainers is not only because of the knowledge that is needed to motivate and support individuals attempting to make large changes in their lifestyle, but also so that this is achieved in a practical and tasty manner to assure the success of all who desire to dramatically improve their health.  Dr. Fuhrman, who has devoted his adult life to the in-depth familiarity with the world’s nutritional literature, also has 20 years experience treating more than 10,000 patients who have achieved dramatic benefits from superior nutrition.  By learning and promoting this clear message, it will enable people to cut through the confusion and falsity in the health, diet and alternative medicine marketplace and focus on what works.

NEI offers you the post-graduate tools that you need to do business. From the intensive lecture series to the premier NET directory, we offer you the resources you need to effectively recruit and train new clients. Our NETs can work to help put our nation back on its feet. To be independently wealthy, we have to be independently healthy and not dependent on burdensome health care costs from dietary induced medical tragedies.

NEI also has very high standards compared to other courses. With other courses and programs you may be able to pay a small to large registration fee and invest 1-20 hours of study but what does that really get you? Our programs will require a significantly larger time and lower cost investment than the alternatives. This means that your NET certificate is something that you can be proud of and will carry much more credibility than some of the other courses you may find. This is all on top of the fact that our programs are based upon our world-class core foundation materials that are truly one-of-a-kind.  You simply cannot go wrong with a NET certificate from the Nutritional Education Institute.

What does NET stand for?

The acronymn "NET" Stands for Nutritional Education Trainer.

Will this program make me a nutritionist?

A person completing this program will learn and embrace a broad body of nutritional knowledge and how to apply the knowledge to benefit individuals seeking to improve their overall health. Even though you will gain a tremendous amount of applicable and specialized knowledge in the field of nutrition, you cannot use the term nutritionist, dietician or registered dietician as those terms are legally or potentially legally troublesome.

Will your certification be recognized by any associations or boards?

We are pursuing endorsements from individuals and entities that lend further credibility to the Nutritional Education Institute and its programs.

How much does the NETCP cost?

The enrollment fee for the Nutritional Education Trainer Certification Program (NETCP) is currently $995.00.


Can I charge clients for my services and how much should I charge?

Yes, you may charge for your services. There is no set minimum or maximum for the fees you can charge, it is up to each individual NET to determine their own fee structure based on a myriad of business factors.

Once I become a NET will I have geographic exclusivity over other NETs in my area?

There will be no geographic exclusivity for the Nutritional Education Trainers (NETs).

Will I receive Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs) or Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for this program?

We do not currently offer CMEs or CEUs for this program.

Does the Nutritional Education Institute have a physical location that I must attend to become a NET?

No, this is an online based institute and there are no physical classes to attend or travel requirements necessary to complete the program.

What type of credentials will I possess after completion of this program? Will I receive a degree or certificate?

You will become a certified "Nutritional Education Trainer” upon completion of this program and you will receive a signed "Nutritional Education Trainer” certificate from the Nutritional Education Institute.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. You will need access to a computer and access to the Internet in order to enroll and complete this program.

Does this count towards college credit or will I get CEUs for the NET program?

No. College credits are not offered for this program*. We are not associated with any university or college institute at this time.

* We have had 1 report of a user receiving 6 elective credits for the NETCP.

What are the books I need for the Nutritional Education Trainer Certification Program?

Visit one of the below links for the NETCP required reading list.


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