Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEI's return/refund policy?

All purchases are non-returnable, non-refundable & non-transferrable.

How long do students take to finish the course?

If an individual is completely new to Dr. Fuhrman's teachings then it is estimated to be between 100 to 200 hours of self-study from start to finish. The maximum time allowed is 6 months from initial enrollment. Students generally finish well within this 6 month timeframe.

Are students that are enrolled in the Advanced Nutritarian course also automatically members of Dr. Fuhrman's site?

Yes, all students have a 6 month Gold Plus membership to Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center at  included in their enrollment fee. You must integrate your account by following the steps here.

Can I search within PDF files?

Yes, you can search the contents of PDF files. However, if you are preparing for your exam it is recommended that you review them and have hardcopies printed for your reference.

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you fail an exam you will need to purchase a retake. You can purchase the exam retake through the NEI store if the situation arises. The product will only be visible if you are eligible to purchase a retake. The costs are as follows:

  • Part 1 - $45.00
  • Part 2 - $45.00
What do I need to do to maintain my certificate?

Nothing.  Once you complete the coursework no additional testing is required.  It is recommended that you stay current with all of Dr. Fuhrman's published works as new information is constantly being added.

Do I have to take both parts of the exam at once?

No, you do not have to take both parts of the exam at once, but both parts must be passed within 6 months of enrollment. Please refer to the Enrollment and Completion section on the Policies page.

How is the Nutritional Education Institute (NEI) different than other programs or institutes?

NEI is different than the vast majority of programs because it leaves our alumni with clear, gold-standard dietary and health information based on science, logic and math.  The information that is learned via NEI is about eating a Nutritarian diet,  a diet of nutritional quality - it is not a passing fad; it is not based on some social, economic, or ethical position or other pre-determined slant; it is not based on an artificial balance of protein, carbs, and fat.  Eating a Nutritarian diet will never be out-of-date. The science supporting a high micronutrient diet style is overwhelming and continual.  Many other programs leave their graduates confused and uncertain about what specific information is important, or water down the nutritional quality of the message to appeal to a wide audience, which renders the message ineffective.

NEI differs greatly in that this Nutritarian dietary program, guided by the principles of smart nutrition in the pursuit of superior health, does not cater to social preferences or popularity, but what is most effective and healthiest for disease prevention and disease reversal.  The Nutritarian dietary protocols are based on a comprehensive analysis of the world’s scientific research including the most recent findings. The knowledge transferred here is intended to motivate and support individuals attempting to make large changes in their lifestyle and to explain it in a practical and tasty manner to assure the success of all who desire to dramatically improve their health.  Dr. Fuhrman, who has devoted his adult life to the in-depth familiarity with the world’s nutritional literature, also has 20+ years of experience treating more than 15,000 patients who have achieved dramatic benefits from superior nutrition.  By learning and promoting this clear message, it will enable people to cut through the confusion and falsity in the health, diet and alternative medicine marketplace and focus on what works.

NEI has very high standards compared to other courses. With other courses and programs you may be able to pay a small to large registration fee and invest 1-20 hours of study but what does that really get you? Our programs will require a significantly larger time and lower cost investment than the alternatives. This means that your certificate is something that you can be proud of and will carry much more credibility than some of the other courses you may find. Further, our program is based on our world-class core foundational materials that are truly one-of-a-kind.  You simply cannot go wrong with a certificate in Advanced Nutritarian Studies.

Will this program make me a nutritionist?

A person completing this program will learn and embrace a broad body of nutritional knowledge and how to apply the knowledge to benefit individuals seeking to improve their overall health. Even though you will gain a tremendous amount of applicable and specialized knowledge in the field of nutrition, you cannot use the term nutritionist, dietician or registered dietician as those terms are legally or potentially legally troublesome.

Will this course be recognized by any associations or boards?

We are pursuing endorsements from individuals and entities that lend further credibility to the Nutritional Education Institute and its programs.

How much does the Advanced Nutritarian Studies program cost?

The enrollment fee is $499.99Books are not included in the enrollment fee.

Will I receive Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) or Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs) for this program?

Yes. We currently offer 20 CEUs for this course.  CMEs are not offered at this time. 

If you have questions concerning what you need to do to receive credit for participation in this course or any other questions related to continuing education credit, please contact your respective association or organization for guidance, not NEI.

Does the Nutritional Education Institute have a physical location that I must attend in order to complete courses?

No, this is an online based institute and there are no physical classes to attend or travel requirements necessary to complete the program.

What type of credentials will I possess after completion of this program? Will I receive a degree or certificate?

Upon completion of the course you will receive your certificate in “Advanced Nutritarian Studies” from the Nutritional Education Institute.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. You will need access to a computer and access to the Internet in order to enroll and complete this program.

Does this count towards college credit or will I get CEUs for this program?

College credits are not offered for this program. We are not associated with any university or college institute at this time. We do offer 20 CEUs for completion of this course.

If you have questions concerning what you need to do to receive credit for participation in this course or any other questions related to continuing education credit, please contact your respective association or organization for guidance, not NEI.

What books are needed to complete this course?

Visit one of the links below for the required books and reading list.


Do you have a reading list or syllabus for the course?

Textbooks: Begin here for Exam 1 required reading!

Specific Required Reading from Textbooks

NS1 = Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food, 1st edition (pears on cover)
NS2 = Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food, 2nd edition (pomegranate on cover)
NS3 = Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food, 3rd edition (beets on cover)
EBA1 = An Evidence-Based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals, 1st edition
EBA2 = An Evidence-Based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals, 2nd edition
s = Summary
f = Figure
t = Table

Nutrient density

NS1: pp. 2-3; 7; 153 or
NS2: pp. 5-6; 8-10; 137-138 or
NS3: pp. 5-6; 8-10; 127-129 
EBA1: pp. 1-5; 13-25; 34s; 38-45 or
EBA2: pp. 1-5; 14-27; 37-38s; 42-48

Basic biology, chemistry, and nutritional science

NS1: pp. 5; 8-9; 9-16; 20-21; 36-40; 50-51; 62f; 67; 72-74; 90f; 95t; 115f; 126-131; 270-274 or
NS2: pp. 8-11; 13-19; 22-23; 36; 40-46; 61; 75f; 77-80; 86f; 90t; 107f; 115-116s; 125-132; 289-293 or
NS3: pp. 8-11; 13-19; 22-23; 34; 38-44; 61; 71f; 73-76; 82f; 86t; 103f; 115-124; 271-275

Energy metabolism and energy balance

NS1: pp. 295-301; 320-323; 324f; 332f; 341-344; 361-362 or
NS2: pp. 311-317; 343-349; 350f; 351; 358f; 386-387 or
NS3: pp. 294-298; 323-329; 330; 331f; 338f; 365-366


NS1: pp. 126-137; 153; 143-148; 222-225; 227-234; 237-240; 247f; 174-185; 178f; 188-191; 192f; 193-196 or
NS2: pp. 125-138; 145-150; 235-239; 241-247; 249-251; 260f; 177-189; 181f; 192-193; 194t; 198f; 199-202 or
NS3: 115-129; 135-141; 219-223; 225-227; 229-231; 233-236; 244f; 161-172; 164f; 178-179; 180t; 184f; 185-188
EBA1: pp. 78-99; 100-106; 196-199 or
EBA2: pp. 183-201; 133-143; 253-256

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes

NS1: pp. 259-264; 160-168 or
NS2: pp. 158-165; 273-278 or
NS3: pp. 149-153; 254-259 
EBA1: pp. 175-179 or
EBA2: pp. 162-166


NS1: pp. 471-477 or
NS2: pp. 520-526 or
NS3: pp. 494-500
EBA1: pp. 7-11; 138-143; 146-149; 155-159; 162-168 or
EBA2: pp. 8-11; 109-113; 116-119; 126-130; 149-156

Micronutrients, phytochemicals and supplements

NS1, NS2, or NS3: Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13
EBA1: pp. 47-58; 114-122; 127-134 or
EBA2: pp. 52-62; 83-91; 96-104

Books by Dr. Fuhrman:  This reading is required for Exam 2

How do I display my contact information in the Alumni Listing?

Log in to "My Account>Edit>Enrollment Details" and click “Display my information in the Alumni Listing page after I complete a course.”

How do I obtain my certificate when I complete a course?

A printable PDF of your certificate will be avaiable by logging in to your NEI account (My Account>Course Certificates>Advanced Nutritarian Studies) upon completion of the course.


What does NET stand for?

NET is an acronym that stands for Nutritional Education Trainer.  This was the original name of the certificate given to students who passed a three-part course here at the Nutritional Education Institute (NEI).  The NET designation is no longer used by NEI, the course now culminates in a Certificate in Advanced Nutritarian Studies. The name was changed to more accurately reflect the goal of the institute and the overall meaning of the coursework offered. Although NEI no longer uses the NET designation, graduates who completed the course and received the Nutritional Education Trainer certificate may still use the term “NET” if they choose.

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